The city of Torres has that name due to three large rock cliffs that are along the beach.

  •     North Tower - Morro do Farol
  •     Central Tower - Morro das Furnas
  •     South Tower – At Guarita Beach

Torres is one of the oldest centers of Rio Grande do Sul. The first Portuguese sailor to dock in Torres was Pedro Lopes de Souza, around 1531. Landing in Boipetibe, the current Mampituba River, he made a record of local indigenous people. The Torres region was initially inhabited by Carijó, Minuano, and Arachane Indians that lived off of hunting and fishing and practiced some rudimentary agriculture.

Located on the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, on the border with Santa Catarina, coming from the north on BR 101, it is 280 km from Florianópolis. From the south you can also arrive by BR 101, or by the Estrada do Mar (RS 389) and it is 197 km from Porto Alegre.

The city borders Dom Pedro de Alcântara and Arroio do Sal to the south, borders the State of Santa Catarina to the north, borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east and with the city of Mampituba to the west.

The climate of the city of Torres is pleasantly temperate and dry, with hot summers of up to 35º C, and a mild winter that is usually the winter high for the State. The heat is minimized by a light, refreshing, breeze that comes from the sea. The average temperature is 24º C.

Torres has a large variety of natural wonders, part of a unique state ecosystem. Here it is possible to find: the sea, beaches, dunes, Atlantic forest, rock cliffs, an island, a river, waterfalls, a lake, and several types of flora and fauna. Get to know its beautiful enchantments.

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